Intelligent Shepherding – Pr. Coty

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This book is to attend to the appeal of leaders, pastors, missionaries and intercessors that aspire an smart and effective pastoral training, with biblical principles and values.

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Nowadays, the great ministry demand is closing church membership backdoor. Just in this way, countless pastors have expressed difficulties. This ministry deficiency has produced an absurd population of more than 40 million roundabout christians in Brazil. In other words, a population as big as the gospel one in the country. These people, that ever were gospel before, are apostate now. A post-christian generation. These people are transforming themselves in the worst people of the society.
In a general way, the ministry of most pastors boils down only in a tiresome routine of “firefighting” and “sheperding the crisis” their members and disciples. They are the “fireman pastors”. They are not pastoring people, but rather their crisis. The fundamentals are not confronted. This, also exhaustive, doesn´t build strong solutions that enable personal growth to maturity. The pastoral effort, many times, boils down in palliative response. The crisis cycle is never broken. The church goes increasingly superficial and insipid.
Attending to the appeal of countless leaders, pastors, missionaries and intercessors that aspire an smart and effective pastoral training, this approach aim to bring up the body of Christ with biblical principles and values, investing in the health of the church, and, above all, in its qualitative growth, rescuing values of the priesthood and pastoral hole. This with depth, and, in context with the emerging needs of this generation, enabling the perservation of fruits. I hope this material can inspire and set out you to invest in what is most valuable: the human soul. Have a good study!
“The real counseling is the meeting of the human brokeness with the wisdom of the cross”

Pr. Marcos de Souza Borges (Coty)

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