The new wineskin revival – Pr. Coty

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The book is a practical guide for healing and deliverance of the family.

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We have witnessed a generation both within and without our churches that has been literally the byproduct of the death of the family. What this book proposes is to confront this arena of challenges by sharing the principles of revival based on healing and deliverance of the family; confronting the most significant wounds of today’s society. Until now, we have referred to the revival as simply the “new wine”; God however is awakening the attention of the church to the “wineskin”.

To be honest we have spoken too much about the wine and too little about the wineskin; too much about the power and too little about healing of the personality. We have spoken much about prosperity and little about perseverance; too much about anointing and too little about character which is the backbone of the soul. Many revivals are aborted because there is not adequate discernment regarding the mapping of wounds and curses, emotional regeneration and the character transformation. Internal fissures in the personality make the filling of the Holy Spirit subtly leak out.
The old and dried out wineskin, the personality chastised by the disillusions and disappointments, the wounded soul, the futile legacy of the parents, the heart of stone addicted to sin, and religious mannerisms all need to give place to a lifestyle of humility and brokenness that is flexible and transparent. In this book the principles of counseling and deliverance are presented in a clear, comprehensive and profound manner.

This method of deliverance isn’t based on irresponsible exorcism of demons, or attacking the symptoms of curses, but rather dealing with the true root causes of the problems in an intelligent manner. It is vital to comprehend this material in order to come to a correct diagnosis, an effective treatment and a responsible program of re-educating the personality. The results should be demonstrated by a profound transformation of values that rescues traumatized identities, broken relationships, and plundered heritages making possible a clear alignment with the eternal will of God.

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